Playing Poker without bluffing is like only playing half the game. As a beginner, it may seem prudent to be cautious, but this differs from how the player should play the game. A good player should always seek profit whenever the opportunity arises; bluffing will help you do that.

When playing Poker online, a player should remember a few things when employing the Poker bluffing strategy. Naturally, if you were to play the game online at one of the sites listed at because you wanted to enjoy the best gaming session possible, then it can be a little harder to know if someone is bluffing or not.

However, regardless of the type of game being played, it is always worth knowing this skill and strategy, as it can truly help to improve your game ten-fold, and potentially turn it into a winning one when sat around a physical table in the future. Let’s take a look at what bluffing is and how to get the most out of this skill.

What is “Bluffing” in Poker?

Bluffing in Poker is when a player attempts to win a pot without having the best hand by convincing their opponents that they have a better set of cards than they actually do. This strategy involves giving an illusion of strength and manipulating bets, so opponents fold even though they think they may be beaten. When experienced players bluff, it is usually done with a purpose in mind.

Best Poker Bluffing Tactics

Some of the essential bluff poker tactics include:

Ensure Consistent Bet Sizes

Betting the same amount will make it difficult for your opponent to read you. When opponents can’t predict a bet size, they’re more likely to fold when they suspect that you have something strong.

Make the Most of Tendencies of Other Players

Take note of opponents’ betting patterns. If a player rarely bluffs, he or she is more likely to fold when you bluff. It is important to make sure you adapt at the same time, though, as not everyone is the same.

Bluff Depending on the Situation

Bluffing in certain situations is more effective than others. For example, a bluff will be more successful when you’re playing against a tight player and the board has been uncoordinated. Therefore, it is extremely important to assess the situation that is presented.

Continue Assessing bluff at every Street.

It is important that you continue to assess your opponents at every street. If a player has been very aggressive pre-flop and then suddenly becomes passive post-flop, it may be a sign they are bluffing and you should call them. The best players always think ahead of the game.

Playing the Bluff as You Would Play the Cards in Hand

It is important to play the bluff as you would if you had a strong hand. If your opponents feel like they’re up against a brick wall, they are more likely to fold. The best Poker players know how to manipulate their opponents and make them believe that the bet is coming from strength, not weakness.


Bluffing is an essential skill in poker, but it takes a lot of practice to master. The good news is that some simple tips can help you improve your bluffing skills. Next time you’re at the poker table, try these tips and see how they help you up your game.

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