Rian Johnson of Poker Face recently recruited several A-List guests for his lie-detector to investigate. These guests include Ron Perlman, Adrien Brody & Clea DuVall.

Her dry humor and comedic timing would add energy and depth to the performance. Additionally, she is an exceptional character actor with numerous film and television credits under her belt.

1. Allison Janney

Poker Face, Peacock’s new comedy drama from Rian Johnson, stands out among a crowded field of crime shows by not succumbing to any of these traps and providing character-driven puzzles that keep viewers guessing until the very last moment.

Natasha Lyonne gives an outstanding performance as Charlie Cale, a human lie detector with exceptional interpersonal skills who knows how to read people like an open book. This show draws from beloved mystery series like Columbo, Kojak and Rockford Files while still managing to bring that same excitement through its cast of notable celebrity faces.

Poker Face stars Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benjamin Bratt, Stephanie Hsu, Lil Rel Howrey Dascha Polanco Ellen Barkin Jameela Jamil Simon Helberg Tim Meadows as well as several notable guest stars like Hong Chau Aaron Paul Colton Ryan.

2. Aubrey Plaza

She has an amusingly dry sense of humor and quick-witted quick thinking skills that would make her an excellent opponent at poker games. Additionally, she’s become a familiar face on celebrity poker show circuit, having competed in several tournaments with mixed results.

She would make an ideal casino employee with an acute ability to detect dishonesty. Her distinctive facial expression and posture when she assesses someone for honesty could easily fit the role.

Poker Face is an example of Peacock’s talent-gathering abilities; from Hong Chau as an alluring long-haul truck driver to Lil Rel Howery as a devious barbecue magnate, its guest cast is truly impressive – thanks to Rian Johnson who wrote and directed this series and recruited some of his own friends as players in it.

3. Chloe Sevigny

Rian Johnson of Knives Out and Looper success Rian Johnson was determined to attract stars like Adrien Brody, Ron Perlman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Poker Face; and it appears he succeeded. This Peacock series proudly displays its influences: Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) drives around in a Plymouth Barracuda similar to Tom Richmond’s car while its 1970s aesthetic includes tangible documentation including film reels, video tapes and paper records.

Poker Face, Johnson says, draws inspiration from classic murder mystery series like Columbo when designing it with its inverted “howcatchem” format and retro aesthetic choices. Johnson particularly liked that in older shows viewers would see different stars every episode–Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, and Dick Van Dyke were just some of them!

4. Simon Helberg

Helberg has played Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory since 2007, earning him widespread acclaim with fans. Additionally, Helberg gained notoriety as Moist in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog as well as being featured as an ongoing character on Judd Apatow-produced show Joey.

John is also known for being adept at poker tables and his reaction to unexpected hands is among the best seen anywhere in show business. He would make an ideal guest star on any procedural.

Poker Face boasts one of the most impressive guest star rosters when it comes to guest stars. Rian Johnson’s Natasha Lyonne-starring Peacock series brought back procedural TV for streaming audiences and recruited an impressive list of high-profile actors as suspects, victims, or anyone connected with the murder case of the week.

5. John Ratzenberger

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a poker face: by always sitting the same way, placing chips the same way and moving your body in an identical fashion, opponents will have an easier time reading your tells.

Ratzenberger’s prominent presence on the show helps maintain a cohesive experience as well. As one of many guest stars who contributes to humanizing Charlie, Ratzenberger makes sure everyone understands what’s at stake for all involved.

Poker Face’s debut season achieved many feats, from revitalizing the murder-mystery-of-the-week genre for streaming to gathering an impressive cast. But perhaps its crowning achievement lay in creating its world and providing us with a glimpse of what’s to come.

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