The most-played casino game worldwide is poker.

It’s a game of skill and chance, where success depends on knowledge and skill. Utilizing your position to your advantage during the game is one of the finest ways to increase your chances of succeeding at poker.

Indeed, it does not matter whether you are playing poker at a traditional or online casino registered on where a safe experience can be enjoyed, as your table position will be crucial in developing your strategy for each hand that is played.

By being able to develop your strategy and understand how to use your table position to benefit you, your game will ultimately improve. Read further to find out how to use this knowledge to your advantage!

More free cards

It’s easier to pick up more free cards when you are in a later position as your opponents will have already acted, so you can simply follow the action. You will have a much better idea of what everyone at the table is doing, and this will help you decide if it’s worth calling or folding.

Pot control

Acting last on every post-flop street often gives you more influence over the size of the pot you play. You can check behind if your opponent checks and you wish to play a modest pot. You have the option to fold your hand if your opponent bets.

While the action is on you, you can bet or raise if you want to play a bigger pot. When you are not in an excellent position to check, you cannot assume that your opponent will review and provide you with easy access to the next card. Additionally, you cannot bet and be sure your opponent will call you or fold.

More bluffing opportunities

Players in later positions have the opportunity to make more bluffs. This is because there’s a greater chance that all the players before you will check and allow you to take down the pot with a bluff.

If your opponents are playing relatively tight, this gives you the perfect opportunity to try and steal some pots. You could also make a semi-bluff by betting with a hand that has some pot equity but is not the best.

Knowing your opponent’s action

The most significant benefit of possessing a poker position is the ability to predict how your opponent will play a particular post-flop street before you need to decide how to play it. It includes all of the other benefits as well.

You are better prepared knowing that even if your opponent could be trying to trick you, a check often signals that they are not too excited about the board, while a bet shows interest. Strong players frequently consider an opponent’s activity while playing from the position when determining how to play each street.


Poker is all about strategy and skill; table position is one of the game’s most important aspects. By understanding how to use table position to your advantage, you can increase your chances of winning in any given a hand. We hope this post has given you more knowledge regarding poker table positions and how to take advantage of them.

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