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Game rules

Blackjack is a card game where players compete against a dealer to achieve a hand total higher than his without going beyond 21. Each player may choose whether to hit (take another card), stand, double up their cards, split them or take out insurance (an additional bet that pays when the dealer hits blackjack).

Played traditionally using one or more standard decks of cards, players must act before the dealer and may not communicate during play. At any time during a hand, they may indicate their intent to hit or stand through hand signals – tapping the table for hits indicates hitting while waving one’s hand indicates standing still.

Variations on this game exist, most notably in how dealer peek affects the house edge. Other variations allow for side bets and altered payouts on player blackjacks (6:5 and 1:1 payouts have become popular since 2003); this change alone raises the house edge by over one percent.


Blackjack enthusiasts might want to experiment with different variants of the game. Such variants typically offer side bets and bonus payouts that vary between casinos; typically these payouts depend on whether or not you receive a pair. You may also place wagers on how often you will win rounds; such wagers could yield huge profits if four suited aces appear!

Some variations of blackjack feature rules designed to reduce the house edge and increase your odds of victory, such as those which allow for splitting pairs, double after splitting and surrender. A six-deck game featuring these features boasts an approximate house edge of just 0.33%.

Players should be mindful that certain variations have additional rules which increase the house edge, such as those featuring a dealer who peeks for blackjack before hitting on soft 17; such a variation increases it by 0.4% – an enormous variance!


Blackjack for real money is an increasingly popular casino game that can be enjoyed both online and at physical casinos. These regulated versions use random number generators to ensure results are fair; however, players must know its rules to play it successfully.

At blackjack, the aim is to beat the dealer by amassing a card total greater than theirs. When making their turn, players may hit (take a card), stand (don’t take another), split (split any two identical cards into two hands), or surrender (recover half their original wagers).

Side bets can increase the house edge significantly. Only an expert counting system can reduce this disadvantage, so only certain side bets should be considered viable – for instance insurance pays two to one if a dealer shows an up card of 10.


Blackjack is a game of chance, yet can also be improved through strategy. By employing effective techniques to reduce the house edge and increase chances of victory, strategy can significantly lower risk while decreasing house edge. Strategies must however be utilized carefully – side bets tend to increase house edge and risk while being distracting to core gameplay and strategy; moreover they may quickly consume your bankroll.

Real money blackjack games that provide a regular 3:2 payout offer the best real money gaming experiences online, outstripping other options such as those offering 6:5 payouts found at certain online casinos.

If you want to beat blackjack, learning basic strategy should be your top priority. Charts detailing optimal actions for every hand vs. dealer upcard scenario can be found online or at casino gift shops; with practice you will soon have it memorized and the house edge reduced from 2% down to 0.5% or less!

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