Bingo Roulette is an exciting new variant on the classic game of bingo that provides casino-like action and prizes. Perfect for gaming establishments and casinos looking to offer popular titles to their patrons.

Players purchase tickets containing five random numbers associated with the roulette wheel and place bets before waiting for their numbers to be called out on the wheel.

Game rules

Bingo roulette adds an exciting spin to traditional bingo play by using a European-style roulette wheel instead of bingo balls to spin around and come to rest in one of several pockets bearing numbers – and if one of your chips matches up with the number called out during play – congratulations – you win!

This game uses a limited pool of numbers and can be enjoyed by any number of players, much like standard bingo. However, unlike regular bingo, numbers don’t randomly generate; rather they are assigned to certain roulette outcomes before ending when one particular outcome has been determined. Once complete, losing wagers are collected while winning bets are paid – thus decreasing the probability of random number selection losing money and making this more fair than traditional casino games.


Bingo differs from roulette in that its outcomes depend on multiple events rather than one singular occurrence, making its prediction far more complex and unpredictable than roulette.

Players purchase primary and interim bingo cards containing random-generated numbers for use during gameplay. When the bingo wheel stops spinning, a number is randomly drawn from its pile to daub or mark onto each player’s card; if this number corresponds with one of several predetermined winning patterns on their card, that player has won!


Bingo Roulette is an exciting new addition to online gaming, made available via iOS and Android devices and offering players the chance to win big jackpots with just one click! Starting out is straightforward – simply navigate to the bingo lobby and choose your desired game!

As opposed to card bingo, which requires players to mark off numbers on tickets, Bingo Roulette requires placing chips on a roulette wheel similar to placing bets in roulette – similar to placing bets at roulette! When the roulette wheel spins, a number is called out and removed all at once by first person who removes all chips of that colour wins! If more than one winner emerges, prize pool payout will be divided amongst them accordingly and players must present valid admission receipt and ID before collecting their winnings.


Bingo roulette employs several symbols, such as red and black dots as well as odds/evens numbers. Furthermore, certain special games require players to mark straight lines or patterns such as postage stamps in order to win; software uses random number generation algorithms to ensure fair outcomes are reached in all cases.

Players can also mark patterns by placing exotic Announce bets that span multiple numbers. This strategy increases a player’s odds of success and it is wise to monitor Hot numbers when they don’t appear – losing streaks may cause players to place large bets that quickly add up!

Bonus rounds

Free Bingo Roulette games provide an excellent way to hone your skills before risking real money. There are numerous Internet resources, chatrooms, and informational websites that can assist in honing your strategy and increase the likelihood of victory.

This game also offers a bonus round feature that gives players the opportunity to earn big prizes if they manage to align a red box and black telephone on a bonus ring that spins independently from the normal wheel, featuring special prize multipliers as well as an additional deal wheel.

A white ball spins around the European roulette wheel, featuring 37 slots numbered 1-36 and one green zero slot. If it lands in your number’s box, congratulations – however if you increase bet sizes to cover losses by increasing bet size too often you will end up losing more money than winning!

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