Is there a “best time” to play casino slots?

ByEduard Johns

Jan 11, 2023

Playing online casino games – or the same games in a brick-and-mortar casino, for that matter – is an exercise in optimism. Reality tells us that more often than not, you’re going to lose. That’s how casinos work – most people lose most of the time, ensuring that the casino has enough money to pay out when people win, plus make a profit for themselves. Even the most customer-friendly casinos on will take your money more often than you take theirs. So it makes sense that players will look for ways to pull the odds back in their favour, no matter how little a difference that makes.

In this regard, people often believe that there are better times to play at online casinos. Some of the “best” times to play are understood to be at the end of the month, when the casino has already logged enough of a profit to be more generous with payouts, and more people are depositing because it’s pay-day. There is also a belief that playing during the day is a better time, because while most people are at work, there is less competition for the big jackpots. Statistics indicate that these are beliefs without foundation – you have the same chance of winning whenever you play. But there are better times to play casino games; just not for the reasons you might have heard.

When reload bonuses have been credited

If you’re a regular player at a specific, then you will find yourself in line for reload bonuses when they are given out. These are bonuses in addition to the casino signup offer, which are given to loyal customers who regularly deposit in the casino. Reload bonus day does not make a win more likely, but it does mean that you can play casino games without depositing, and any win is more profitable. You’d be surprised how big a difference that can make.

When you have time off work

If you’re enjoying time off, and most other people are still at work, it is better to play slots or other casino games then than on a weekend or in the evening. This is not, as the cliche suggests, because there are fewer people around to claim those jackpots. It is because you’re more likely to be well-rested and have a clearer head than if you’ve just spent ten hours working yourself to exhaustion. Some people play casino games to unwind, but it’s better to play when you have unwound; you’ll make fewer poor decisions.

When there is a tournament on

Casinos run regular tournaments on slots and other games, and it is a good idea to get involved in those. Being in a tournament doesn’t mean that the software is more likely to throw you a win; it makes literally no difference to the profitability of any single spin. What it does do, though, is allow you to build up tournament points and have a chance of finishing higher up the tournament classification. You get to keep any winnings that you make during the tournament, and you stand a chance of winning part of the prize pot at the end. This way, you have the chance to win more for the same amount of play, and the same deposits.

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