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Payouts on all types of Slot Machines: On all types of Slot Machines including progressive (P) and hi/lo (L) machines, you can win a percentage of a regular win. This means that on a typical win, you get x amount of coins. However, if you hit on the jackpot, then your payout would be much higher. Also, when you win on multi-line machines, you get paid on all eight lines for that game alone. On normal paylines, you only get paid on one.

Welcome Bonus: All types of casino games offer a welcome bonus upon first deposit. Welcome bonuses are rewarded to the player for spending money on casino games, including real cash, play money, e-wins, bonus credit cards and casino gift certificates. Some offer up to a two percent rebate on purchases at selected online casinos and restaurants. Many offer up to a twenty-five percent bonus on deposits for new members.

Progressive Jackpot: On all types of Slot Machines, progressive jackpots increase in size as the amount deposited by the player gets larger. When you hit the largest prize, your winnings will double. Again, when you win a larger number of coins in smaller denomination, your payout is also larger. Some of these progressive jackpots can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Casino Bonus Offers: On all types of slots sites, some casinos offer bonus offers to players who make their initial deposit. These offers may include welcome bonus offers, discounts on selected beverages, casino credit, and registration for surveys. There are many online sites that feature free casino bonus offers. The player should check out as many sites as possible before making the final decision of where to deposit.