Gambling has always had its place in the entertainment sector, for good reason. When it comes to the pure excitement players get when they win big, it is clear the feeling is simply unbeatable. Capitalism places a massive value on money, and so gambling is an appealing option for those who do not have a lot of cash to have a chance of winning a life-changing amount of money. And then there is the experience of going to a casino. Owners know just how to entice players with the lushest designs, loud music, and dazzling lights. In recent years though, some changes in the industry have made the future of gambling unclear.

Technology is the foundation of today’s society. Each period of human history has been defined by the level of technology that existed, showing that it is a signifier of human progress. It is something that is inherently linked to the gambling industry and is the main reason why it has seen change over the years. Casinos and betting shops were previously the only way people could gamble, but the creation of the online space has changed all that. Companies were able to use the web to put their services up onto websites like the one at where gamblers could access them from home. The effects of this revolutionary change are clear; it gave the gambling industry a higher player base which in turn would increase their profits.

Something that the gambling companies should have anticipated though is what =the repercussions of making their services online would be. If much of the games at a traditional casino can be accessed from the web, then why would anyone go to one? Gamblers realised that they could save on travel costs and food and drink expenses that incur on a night out at the casino. Land-based casinos have seen a decline over the years because online gambling has become so popular and is perhaps the leading reason how technology has changed the gambling industry. The fact that the global online gambling market is expected to reach $112 billion in 2025 shows the clear direction in which the gambling industry is heading.

Poker chips on table in casino

Some developments in technology have also led to exciting applications in the gambling space, such as the implementation of live streaming. In the gaming world, this is already a concept that is known to many gamers, and it is when a live video is streamed to an audience that can interact with the streamer. In the gambling sector, it is now possible for dealers to live stream themselves and host games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. This is promising as it gives the casino experience without players having to be there themselves and is one other way that technology has changed the gambling industry. The advantages live streaming has to offer may make online gambling even popular and cement the decline of traditional casinos.

There is no doubt that technology has had a massive part to play in the gambling industry, though this is for the better and it is clear that online gambling will continue to grow in popularity as long as technology continues to evolve.

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