The Gaming Industry is in hot water over their decision to leave Las Vegas in order to build a second casino in Las Vegas. Nevada is a great state for any business to locate their facility, but gambling is not one of them. Why would the state want to continue to give tax incentives to the Gaming Industry when they are constantly looking for ways to take money from the gaming facilities and give it to the state? Maybe in the hindsight, state and city leaders would be better served by staying in and putting on more events and allowing the Convention Center to be used for something other than just gambling. After all, there is no guarantee the second casino will not end up being a failure, and they already owe millions upon millions of dollars from the previous owners, some of which are from out of state.

First off, there was the time when the state and city were claiming they only wanted to receive the casino profits and not the gambling income. Now that they have claimed they want the gambling income, the Federal government has asked the U.S. Congress to withhold that money from the gaming industry. They claim that it is owed by the Gaming Industry. That means that the Gaming Industry will now be forced to pay taxes on the winnings that were actually “gained” in Las Vegas, in order to repay the Federal Government.

Gambling As It Never Was: Many people may remember the days when betting on the horses at the tracks was considered a hobby, or maybe a good way to make a living, but that is quickly fading into the background now that Las Vegas is open all hours, every day, seven days a week. Most gamblers who once lived and died at the card table in front of the opening night crowd are now out there on the Vegas street corners, counting their millions, while wondering how long it will take them to reach the point where they are no longer living on the Vegas house edge. Gamblers that lose money are losing a lot more now that they can’t gamble their way to the top as they once could.

Responsible Gambling: The problem with most of those people who can’t stop thinking about betting, is that they don’t realize that they aren’t being responsible with their gambling habits. In fact, it is estimated that almost seventy percent of all gamblers at any one time are behind the wheel of a vehicle, driving along the highway, when they should be actually enjoying themselves. If you have ever seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can”, you will know what I’m talking about.

That is why it is important that anyone who is interested in gambling responsibly at Las Vegas casinos, register for a player card and pay attention to the signage at the casinos. There are only two class II gaming facilities in Nevada. Those are the Venetian and the Bellagio. Both of those casinos are very expensive, so the average player should limit their chances of winning to two per day.

After a person wins a set amount of money at a casino, they have the option of receiving either cash, bonus points, or free casino entries for as long as they live within the United States. If you are interested in earning extra income or simply want to try your luck on a different sort of gambling table, you may register for a free w-2g form at some of the other casinos across the strip. There are even some places that give away free spins of roulette, baccarat, or even video poker machines on designated nights of the week.